Frequently Asked Questions


We want you to spend time with your family and friends. It is a very important part of maintaining a good quality of life. It is typical that families spend every other weekend with their family members and we encourage that to happen.

The state of MN has built in an absence and utilization factor of 3.9% to the rate framework of the daily rate. Thus, 15 leave days for the year. If leaves are in excess of this allotment, there may be a need to meet as a team to estimate the amount of leave time needed in order to restructure the Service Agreement between the provider and the person recieving servcies. Things that can cause a need to restructure are excessive leaves, caused by vacations, weekend leaves, elopment, hospitalization, or service refusal to name a few.

Genesis budgets and admits based on occupancy determined for the year and only receives reimbursement from Medicaid for services provided. If an individual is on leave for an entire 24-hour period, Genesis cannot bill for service. We ask for your cooperation in assisting us with managing this process and avoid the need to meet to discuss how to restructure service.

Explaining the impact further, lets say Jimmy is spending the weekend with his family. If he leaves Friday after work and comes home Sunday evening, Genesis loses one day of reimbursement as Jimmy was gone for an entire 24 hour period on Saturday. If this occurs every other weekend, Genesis incurs a loss of 26 billable days per year while still carrying the cost of overhead. This issue worsens when we have multiple people on leave at the same time. Losing 1 day (x) 14+ people per month forces Genesis to realize thousands of dollars in losses and thousands of dollars in unused expenses for that one day. If we are able to manage our leave process, it will positively affect our ability to pay higher wages, benefits, retain an adequate workforce of which all bring quality and consistancy to your support.

Some available solutions are: 1) Jimmy goes on leave Friday any time after 12:01AM and comes back Saturday before midnight 2) Jimmy goes on leave Saturday any time after 12:01AM and comes back Sunday before midnight 3) Jimmy goes on leave Friday any time after 12:01AM and comes back for a 30min check-in and then leaves again for the night and returns Sunday before midnight.

How does room and board work in an afc?

Group Residential Housing (GRH) sets the Room & Boad Rates for Adult Foster Care (AFC) settings newly coined as Community Residential Settings (CRS). The rate for fiscal year 2017 is $891/month.

You will recieve some form of benefit(s) from Social Security depending on you status with them. Typically, people recieve SSI, SS, RSDI, Railroad Benefits, or a combination of these benefits. It is common that one recieves $733 in SSI benefits if they are not working. Of this money, a person is able to keep $97 dollars for personal needs. GRH comes in and pays the difference of what SSI doesn't cover after personal needs.

$733 (SSI Benefit) - $97 (For Personal Needs) =$636 (Remaining SSI)

$891 (Total R&B Rate) -$636 (Remaining SSI) =$255 (Owed to Provider)

$255 (Owed to Provider -$255 (GRH Paid to Provider) = $0 (R&B Paid in Full